Wiwafifa WiFi Extender Setup


Wiwafifa WiFi Extender Setup- A device called the Wiwafifa WiFi extender offers a quick and affordable way to increase internet coverage to places that are difficult to reach, up to 3000 square feet. Use the booster for 1080p IP camera streaming, 4K video streaming on desktops, and ultra-brisk downloading speeds. It has a doorbell system, a 2.4 GHz 300 MBps band for long-distance communication, and a quick WiFi connection for using smart speakers and for video conferencing. Use a coaxial cord to connect your smart device to the WiFi network for a stable connection. The WiFi box’s 802.11n, b, and g WiFi communication standards are compatible with this. US-based security encryption ensures network security and offers defence against others attempting to steal your internet. The Wiwafifa wireless range extender has a few specifications and functions.

Wiwafifa WiFi Booster Features

  • Boosts Gaming Experience – This booster gives you blazing-fast gaming with uninterrupted WiFi coverage up to 3000 square feet and a speedy 300 MBps.
  • Broad Compatibility It essentially works with 95% of WiFi routers that deliver internet to gaming consoles, Smart TVs, doorbell systems, etc.
  • Simple Setup – The booster’s WPS button allows a one-push-button setup in under 30 seconds. The thorough setup information is provided below:

A Detailed Guide for Setup Wiwafifa Wifi Extender

From the unit box, remove the necessary accessories, including the booster, and store them somewhere safe. For safety advice, consult the Wiwafifa WiFi extension instructions. After that, you are ready to carry out the setup process. Find the electrical outlet next to the WiFi box before starting the setup.

Setup of the Wiwafifa WiFi Range Extender Browser

You have the option of configuring your repeater using the web browser approach or the WPS way. Both are meticulously demonstrated here. Review the most popular and reliable approach first—the web browser method.

  • Attach your extension to the electric outlet or surge protector next to the WiFi box. Wait a while before turning on the PWR LED light. Till the PWR light becomes stable, keep your cool.
  • Go to the WLAN settings on your computer or mobile device and look up the Wiwafifa XXXX network name. The XXXX in the network name could be numeric or alphabetical and could change.
  • To connect to the booster network on your desktop or mobile device, tap or click. The network is accessible. You will be sent to the login page for the Wiwafifa WiFi extender.
  • Do it manually if the login page does not open on its own. Launch the search portal (browser) on your PC or mobile device to enrol in the Wiwafifa WiFi extender default IP address. To find the IP address, look at the repeater label at the bottom. To view the IP address, navigate to your WiFi network connection settings on the desktop control panel and click on the details.
  • As seen on the login page. Write down the Wiwafifa WiFi extender default password in the chosen language.
  • To configure the device as an extender, select the login tab and then the repeater mode option. Decide which current network you want to repeat in the dead zone now. To complete the setup, type your WiFi box’s network security key and follow the clear and simple screen instructions. The setup manifests as Setup Completed once it is finished. Review the procedures for setting up your repeater with a WPS button now.

Setting up a WiFi repeater (WPS)

The process of setting up your repeater is quick. The plug and play gadget enables you to complete the setup in less than 30 seconds. Follow the instructions to complete the WPS setup:-

  • Your extender will receive electricity when you plug it into the electrical outlet or surge protector next to the WiFi box.
  • Wait a while before turning on the PWR LED light. Till the PWR light stabilizes, keep silent.
  • Give your WiFi box’s WPS button a light press. Thumb the WPS button on the booster after remaining for a bit.
  • The WiFi box and the booster immediately sync. Next, proceed as instructed by the information. When everything is finished, the extender starts repeating the network range. Once the setup process is complete, relocate your repeater while keeping an eye on the extender signal blinker. If you’re still having trouble even after perfectly finishing the setup, take a look at the remedies below.

Troubleshooting for Wiwafifa WiFi Extender

Wiwafifa extender not establishing a WiFi connection?

Examine the WiFi box and the range of the repeater. Your WiFi equipment and repeater need to be separated by a distance of between 4 and 10 metres. You will have a smooth and quick internet connection if you place both devices at that distance. If you’re still having trouble finding the booster location, look for the blinking extender directional indicator on the very left flank. If the repeater is too near or too far, the red blinker on the extender signal will indicate this. Only the extender signal with a green light is acceptable.

WiFi extender by Wiwafifa not working?

Examine the hardware connections of your WiFi box (router) and make sure it is operating flawlessly before inspecting the extender. Once a router is functioning properly, check to see if an electric current is reaching the repeater. Watch it with a PWR LED light. By disconnecting your booster from the electrical outlet and turning it on again, you can restart it.

By logging in, you may check the Wiwafifa WiFi extender firmware. Update it as quickly as possible, if it is available. Try the final and most popular troubleshooting technique, the reset, if none of the aforementioned suggestions work as outlined above. Follow these procedures to reset your repeater.

A reset of the extender will reset all of your customized settings to their default values.

  • Hold onto your booster and press the reset button firmly for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • If you are having problems pressing the reset button, insert a sharp object, such as a needle, for 5 to 7 seconds, into the Wiwafifa WiFi extender reset hole.
  • The booster PWR light will begin to glow and turn on.
  • Remain for a while to help the PWR light become stable. The extension resets when the light turns solid.

Review of Wiwafifa WiFi Booster Setup

However, This extender has the exact same appearance as the first one I purchased. The signal cannot be repeated by my router. I purchased this extender to repeat the signal in a dead zone’s opposite way since the current extender only repeats the signal in one direction. It takes hardly any time at all to instal. It has been running smoothly for 4 weeks and has not yet encountered any problems. The dead zone WiFi network experience with the booster is fantastic. Overall, it is a good repeater and is strongly advised for anyone wishing to repeat the signal affordably.

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