How to Set up a Rock Space Wifi Extender?

When wireless transmission is necessary over wider areas, the re.rockspace local wifi extender acts as a repeater to amplify the signal and ward off dead spots. Re.rockspace’s local wifi extender primarily operates on the 2.4 GHz band, which offers complete signal coverage and transfer speeds of 300 Mbps. Set up Rockspace wifi extender that boosts your home network by extending the range and speed of the wifi signal while operating on dual bands. Simply click the WPS button to connect to the router, and the connection to extend the signal will be made in a short amount of time. Similar to that, the gadget has a reset button that may be used to return the wifi extender to its factory default settings. It is necessary to hold down the reset button until the red indication appears.

How to Configure a Local WiFi Extender for Rockspace?

Follow the instructions for setup rockspace WiFi extender on in order to connect and configure the Wi-Fi extender to a device. You can use the WPS button to expand the Wi-Fi signal or a smart phone to log in and verify the signal strength via the web interface. Additionally, you must set your antennae properly for good Wi-Fi coverage and signal strength.

Once the web UI login process has been completed successfully, you may check the status of any connected routers or devices as well as the Wi-Fi name. You can alter the Wi-Fi extender’s settings while viewing this page. As well as your new login name and password. You must restart the extender in order for any changed settings to be saved and activated. However, whenever you reset the extender, it returns to its default settings, and you must set up all of the extender’s settings once more.

If the device ever exhibits anomalous behavior. Visit the Rockspace WiFi extender website at or without hesitation. Additionally, you can solve the specific issue with the updated programmer.


How to Set up Rockspace Wifi Extender?

The Rockspace wireless range extender firstly enables any router’s wireless signal to be amplified or repeated to provide complete signal coverage in dead-zone zones. Only offline mode at is available for this extender’s setup.

To set up the Rockspace extender, just adhere to these simple instructions:

  • First, you must insert the wifi extender into the power outlet in order to connect to
  • When the power comes on, type in the address bar to look for them.
  • If the Rockspace setup page on a particular browser is not being connected, one can use any other browser.
  • Once the configuration page for the Rockspace extender has been accessed, the user has the choice of configuring the device as a range extender or an access point.
  • Additionally, the page may need to be reloaded from time to time. To set up Rockspace wifi extender, follow the following instructions.
  • The specific page will automatically close after the configuration has been successfully completed.

Advatages of Rockspace Wifi Extender

Giving the Dead Zones life

Poor Wi-Fi signal in our homes annoys us all. Re.Rockspace Local extenders should be placed in the areas where the signal is weakest to avoid dead zones within your own home or in a big coverage area. This is the simplest and most straightforward method. By connecting any wired device to the Rockpsace wireless range extenders, the user may essentially extend the Wi-Fi signal while boosting speed and performance within the same bandwidth range.

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Continually Applicable

The Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters are compatible with any wireless router or access point. Any regular router or access point of any brand can have their WiFi boosted by this device. Additionally, because of its universal compatibility, even if a wireless network’s bandwidth range varies over time, it may be strengthened and extended. This item is compact, authentic, and suitable for tiny spaces because to its small size and straightforward installation process.

Easy to set up

The Rockspace WiFi range extender has a WPS button that makes it very simple to start up the wireless range extender. To set up the connection between the wireless range extender and wifi router, you simply need to hold and press the button for a short period of time and follow the instructions. The three basic functioning modes of this extender are repeater, access point, and router.

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